Jeannie McGee's first encounter with painting began with a gift of a small set of oil paints received when she was twelve.  Her painting was of the rich red mesas of Arizona that she remembered from her many family trips along the historic Route 66 from California on her way to Ohio.   After a long detour exploring fashion design, dressmaking, interior design and personal styling Jeannie was drawn to pick up a paintbrush again.  Today she continues to be excited by the beauty of the world around her and the challenge of placing oils on canvas to express that beauty in contrasting textures, rich color relationships and the emphasis of light.

Jeannie McGee's art education includes studies at Canada College, Foothill College, the UC Santa Cruz extension program and the Palo Alto Cultural Center all in the San Francisco Bay Area.   Her plein air studies began with Diane McClary, award winning student of Russian Master Artist Sergei Bongart (1918-1985) and continues through on-line classes with renown Canadian artist Johannes Vloothuis.